Wounds and burns

In the summer time, people are more active outdoors, and that increases the potential of getting traumas, scratches, various wounds, as well as burns — thermal and chemical alike, for example, caused by giant hogweed sap. Often, wounds become purulent and take a long time to heal. To avoid that, you can use Furasol® to treat wounds. It can be used to treat fresh wounds, by rinsing away small foreign bodies from scratches, by disinfecting the wound, as well as used later to dress skin damages 1–2 times per day or as often as needed. Furasol® aqueous solution is not caustic, it does not cause unpleasant sensations, does not irritate the surrounding or damaged tissue, and therefore is very suitable for children. Furasol® solution is easy to make and use at home — take one package of powder per one glass of hot water and dissolve it to obtain a solution of orange colour, which, once cooled down slightly, is ready to be used. Taking into account the fact that Furasol® has many uses and is safe to use, it should be included in every first-aid kit!