Sore throat?

Sore throat is one of the most common reasons for seeing family physicians. Often, irritation or scratching is the first to come, accompanied by pain, which can radiate to ears, difficulty swallowing — "a knot in the throat", hoarse voice, often slightly elevated body temperature. Inflammation agents are mainly various viruses and bacteria that are found on the mucosa of human throat, and, if affected by various factors, they can start multiplying and cause illnesses. Factors triggering illnesses include dry air, air conditioning, allergies, acid reflux, hypothermia and hyperthermia, which is typical during the summer months. On average, throat remains sore for 3–7 days, and during this time the patient goes to a pharmacy to buy throat medicine. Normally, treatment can be started with folk medicine, such as herbal infusions — camomile, sage, calendula, drinking lots of fluids, thus keeping the throat mucosa moist. Honey products are also useful. In case of sore throat, avoid hot steam inhalations, because the hot steam burns and irritates the already poorly feeling throat mucosa. If your throat is sore, it is important to rinse your throat. One of the most popular and most available non-prescription drugs is FURASOL. This drug can be recommended to children from about 4 years of age, who can gargle their throat on their own. FURASOL can also be used in case of inflammation of gums and oral cavity mucosa, or if there are mouth ulcers, as well as after manipulations in the oral cavity, after tooth extraction. What is important is that FURASOL is effective against a very broad group of microorganisms, strengthening local immunity — by locally stimulating the immune system, does not lead to microorganisms getting used to it, and therefore it is effective in repeated use (does not cause microbe resistance), it is little absorbed from the rinsed surface, which means that it is safe to use, allergic reactions are rarely observed, it does not cause mucosa or skin irritation. Pregnant women should opt for other medicines, because no extensive studies have been performed on how the medicine affects the foetus.