About Furasol®

Furasol® powder is an antibacterial product, which is used for making a solution of external application for the treatment of inflammation of the oral cavity and throat, infected wounds, burns, purulent inflammations. The active substance of Furasol® powder Furaginum is an antibacterial remedy (a Nitrofuran derivative). The soluble Furaginum is an effective remedy against gram positive and gram negative microflora, and affects also such pathogen staphylococcal and other bacterial strains, which are resistant to antibiotics and other disinfectant agents. Microorganism resistance to Furaginum develops slowly and does not reach a high level. Nitrofurans, incl. Furaginum, suppress enzyme systems of microorganisms, as well as block other biochemical processes in microorganism cells, which, for their turn, trigger the disintegration of the bacterial cell wall or cytoplasmic membrane. Nitrofurans increase the ability of leukocytes to phagocyte microorganisms, promotes the formation of granulation. Furaginum is an effective remedy in the therapy of all types of purulent infections (including external). When used on skin or mucous membrane, it does not cause pain or irritation.

Effect and advantages

Furasol works locally — directly at the place of infection, by mechanically flushing away microbes, and as an antibacterial remedy by destroying microbes, found in the throat mucosa, therefore the results are very fast and effective.


Product contents

The active substance of Furasol® is soluble Furaginum (Furaginum solubile).
Excipient: sodium chloride.
Available as a powder used for preparing a solution of external application.

Product usage

Rinsing of oral cavity and throat

1 package per 200 ml of hot boiled water; use cooled 2–3 times per day.

Treating wounds

1 package per 200 ml of hot boiled water; use cooled 2–3 times per day.