General Information
  1. This website is owned, maintained and managed by the joint stock company “Olainfarm” (akciju sabiedrība “Olainfarm”) (hereinafter – the Company or we). We use cookies on this website.
  2. The purpose of this Cookie Usage Policy (hereinafter – Policy) is to provide a general description of the use of cookies on this website, to enable you to make informed decisions about the use of this website.
  3. The Policy has been developed in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter – GDPR), including fulfilling the requirement to provide information to the users of the website (Articles 12 and 13 of the GDPR).
Information about the Controller
  1. The Company is the controller of personal data (within the meaning of Article 4,  Point 7 of the GDPR), as the Company determines the purposes and means of the use of cookies.
  2. Company’s contact information for personal data processing issues:
The name of the Controller: Akciju sabiedrība “Olainfarm”
Address: 5 Rupnicu street, Olaine, Olaine municipality, Latvia, LV-2114
E-mail address: [email protected]
Phone number. +371 28327856
User consent to the use of cookies 
  1. In accordance with the laws and regulations, we may store cookies on your device without your consent if they are necessary for the functioning of this website – necessary cookies. For the use of other types of cookies your permission is required – the consent. By default, all cookies are disabled, except for the necessary cookies, which provide the basic functionality and operation of the website.
  2. When you visit the website for the first time, you are informed that we are using cookies, which appears as a pop-up window – the cookie setting tool (“Tool”). The Tool will provide access to cookie-related information and you will be asked to make a choice on your cookie settings.
  3. The Tool provides the following information: a list of cookies, their description (cookies are divided into categories), containing the name, type, service provider, purpose of use of the cookie, duration of processing (deadline) for each individual cookie.
  4. By making your choice in the Tools and confirming it, you acknowledge that you have read the information contained in the Policy and the Tools and agree that the use of cookies on the website will take place according to your choice. Thus, we place cookies on your device (which is used to access the website) and the tool will no longer appear (as a pop-up window on the screen) for as long as your choice is valid. Your choice regarding the use of cookies is valid for one year. After the above deadline, you will be asked again to make your choice with regard to the use of cookies.
Options to change consent, cookie settings
  1. If you wish to access the Tool, for example to make changes to your previously made choice (consent) or to obtain information contained therein, click on the cookie symbol in the lower right corner of this website GDPR Icon.
  2. You can also check and control the cookie settings in your web browser. You must make changes to the settings individually for each browser. You can change your device’s web browser settings to refuse new cookies (prevent them from being stored), delete existing cookies, or simply notify you when new cookies are sent to your device. We add links to cookie management information resources for the most popular browsers:
Opera https://help.opera.nem/en/latest/web-preferences/
Edge https://support.microsofnecom/en-us/help/4468242/microsoft-edge-browsing-data-and-privacy
  1. By disabling cookies, some functionality of your website may not work properly or may be limited to.
Transfer of personal data to third countries
  1. If your personal data is sent to a country outside the European Union or the European Economic Area as a result of the use of cookies on the website, we ensure the security of these data and that the rights of the data subject are respected by at least one of the following mechanisms:
  1. a decision of the European Commission on the adequate level of data protection;
  2. guarantees under Article 46 GDPR;
  3. derogations for specific situations under Article 49 GDPR.
Third party cookies
  1. Content from other service providers, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Google, may be available in certain sections of the Company’s website. These third-party providers can use cookies and thus obtain, among other things, information about the fact that you have visited this website.
  2. We do not have access to or control over third party cookies or personal data and information possibly processed by third parties.
  3. For more information about how these third parties use cookies, go to this third party’s website. If you have decided not to give consent to use these cookies, or if you have withdrawn the consent, you will only be able to use the functions of the website that do not require the use of these cookies. In this case, you may not have access to sections of the website that may contain third-party content. If you do not want to accept cookies at all, you can specify this in your internet browser settings.
Changes in the Policy 
  1. We reserve the right to change this cookie-related information at any time, provided it does not conflict with the GDPR. Any changes will be publi